math vid

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Independent pages

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In art class we had to work on independent pages. This was my favorite piece. It is the picture of Eric’s broken crank. the colors aren’t right because i couldn’t find the right colors.

Math table project

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In math class we were put into partners to make a piece of furniture for the school. We decided to make a table. We started with a scale drawing of the table. Then we bought the wood and started to build the table. We finished the table in two days. After we finished the table we presented to the class. Then we painted it in art class.

inspirational person

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IN art class we had to choose a person that inspires you in anyway. I chose Travis Pastrana. He is a dirtbiker and he win a ton of medals and stuff. I chose him because I want to be just as good as him. So i went on the internet and search an image of him. Then traced it on a large piece of paper. after that we painted it.

low rider digital presentation

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challenge option

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My challenge option was to write a poem. I made the low rider fame text in photoshop. Then added a poem in the corner. lowriderflame.jpg

path less adventure

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In humanities we got to make a book of our own. We worked in 3-4 group members. Each had a specific job like editor, art director, and project manager. Since I was in a group of four we had to have two editors. Here is the link to my book.